Boston Brewery Selects Cascading Hot Water System

PM Engineer, February 27, 2020

Trillium’s story of popularity and success is common among many small-batch breweries over the past decade. The U.S. craft beer renaissance has catapulted the hand-made beer experience into the mainstream. Even so, Trillium’s success has eclipsed most other craft brews.

The industry has seen explosive growth. When a niche this clearly defined presents itself, there are service professionals that specialize and grow with it.  EH Marchant Co. is Boston’s resident brewery and restaurant plumbing specialist.

“Many of the general contractors we work for build breweries and restaurants,” says Michael Petrilli, president of EH Marchant. “Fort Point was our first Trillium project, and we’re currently involved with a second.”

From a plumbing standpoint, breweries have very different requirements than the retail and pharmaceutical work that the 116-year-old company often conducts.

“Trillium had two distinct and separate needs at Fort Point as it relates to hot water,” Petrilli continues. “The restaurant and the brewery each have a standalone, instantaneous hot water plant providing different supply temperatures. Efficiency is of some importance on a job like this, but it takes a back seat to the need for redundancy, satisfying peak demand and constant circulation.”

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